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Live Election Results SNP HOLD Glasgow Kelvin (Glasgow) 17:01 08/05/2021 SNP HOLD Edinburgh Pentlands (Lothian) 16:57 08/05/2021 Conservative HOLD Aberdeenshire West (North East) 16:25 08/05/2021

Cold Call Protections

While this is a last minute policy announcement, it needs to be done, and this one is based from personal experience. We’re in the middle

Pledge | Daily Roundup

If elected today – I am pledging to put online, at the end of each day, a “daily roundup” showing each of the people in

The Peoples Action on Section 30

The Peoples Action on Section 30 is a legal action brought by Martin J Keatings on behalf of 10,000 ordinary members of the electorate to establish that the Scottish Parliament already has the right to pass laws to legislate for a referendum on Independence for Scotland, without requiring the permission of Westminster and without a section 30 order.


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