Despite his own health issues, Martin is a full-time carer for his mother who has advanced multiple sclerosis. A 28-year veteran of the NHS and a G-grade sister midwife, his mother attempted to pass on as much of her knowledge as possible in preparation for the day he would need it. She ensured that he also trained as an advanced first-aider.


Martin is classified as disabled, with a painful nerve condition and other ancillary issues resulting from medical negligence. Each day he must make a choice between dull witts from a substantive amount of medication, or pain so he is able to think. Because of the work, he does the choice is often the latter.

He is often quoted as saying “I am not defined by my disability, but how I overcome it”. Because of his background in Engineering, he can often be found McGivering some form of solution for other people who have a disability to assist them with daily life. 


Since 2014, Martin has been involved in a number of initiatives.

Most notibly, petitioning the European Parliament for Scotland’s accelerated re-entry after independence, petitioning the Scottish and UK Parliaments over section 30, lecturing at universities in other countries about Scottish Politics, and of course, the Peoples Action on Section 30.

Martin is also the convener of Forward as One. If you have ever attended the March and Rally for Independence in Dunfermline, it was Martin who organised them. 

Pre-2014 Campaigning

Between 2011 and 2014, Martin was the head of Yes International. In addition he was a founding admin of the very first pro-independence groups on Social Media. He personally designed over 8000 graphics for different pro-independence groups, ran, hosted and maintained 8 different sites for pro-independence groups and contributed to assisting with hundreds of different projects. This was in addition to writing at great length about the political situation during that period. 

Ever seen a Yes 2 Flag? 

If you’ve ever seen the original Yes 2 flag that was created on the 19th of September 2014 at a rally or Yes Event, it was Martin who created it. 

In your time of need. 

Martin is part of a group called the Layman’s, a small group of volunteers across Scotland and the UK who are classified as “the last port of call” for people who have fallen through the cracks in the system.

By word of mouth and referral, Martin takes on cases from people who are in the most desperate of circumstances. By working in the background and building a network of volunteers and whistleblowers, he has been able to achieve a level of successful resolution far in excess of normal channels because he works on the outer fringes of the system.

He has assisted hundreds of benefit claimants in reclaiming benefits taken under spurious circumstances, has taken on large organisations to assure proper resolutions for ordinary people, has assisted people with finding accommodation and has helped relocate around 20 spouses running from abuse. 

His experience gives him a unique insight into the darkest corners of how the system can fail.



Martin James Keatings is an Independent candidate for the 2021 Scottish Elections in Mid-Scotland and Fife.

A carer for his mother who has secondary progressive M.S, he’s the former leader of Yes International and current convener of Forward as One. If you’ve been to a Dunfermline Yes rally, then it was Martin who organised it.

He has a keen interest in constitutional matters, law, engineering, general science and civil rights; basically, if it stimulates the brain, it’s probably on his reading list.

For the past year, he’s been the lead on Keatings vs the Advocate General, a lawsuit brought by over 10,000 members of the ordinary electorate to establish that the Scottish Parliament does not require the consent of Westminster to hold a referendum on independence from the UK.

His volunteer work is campaigning for better rights for unpaid carers and working with those who fall through the cracks with the DWP and other safety-net organisations who have been excluded due to harsh policies.

He’s also been leading the charge on the Forth Rail Link, where he successfully petitioned the Scottish Parliament to open the longanet line from Dunfermline to Alloa to passenger services, allowing a direct route from Fife to Glasgow without travelling via Edinburgh. This project received unanimous backing from all 5 parties at Holyrood.

Martin James Keatings is a staunch pro-independence advocate and a supporter of the European Union, where from 2016 he has been petitioning the EU parliament for accelerated re-entry to the bloc when Scotland becomes independent.

If elected to Holyrood, Martin James Keatings will be a strong voice for mid-Scotland and fife; his forth rail initiative has already brought Talgo (a train builder) to West Fife along with 1000 jobs. As an independent, he would have the freedom and latitude to push for independence while also advocating zealously for his constituents.



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