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Martin has already been working for the people of Mid-Scotland & Fife. You’d be forgiven for thinking it was the politicians who started campaigning for the connection of Fife, through Clackmannanshire and on through to Glasgow, but that’s simply not the case.

In 2015, Martin started the “Forth Rail Link Campaign” to upgrade the old coal line which ran to Longanet Powerstation, to establish rail stations in the West Fife Villages and convert it to passenger rail. This campaign not only received unanimous backing from parties at Holyrood, but has already been responsible for interest from train manufacturer Talgo, bringing with it over 1000 jobs to the area.

Martin Keatings appearing before the Scottish Parliament petitions committee about his campaign to establish rail services along the old longanet coal line between Fife and Clackmannanshire.

Opening the line to passenger services was adopted by the Scottish National Party in their 2016 manifesto after petitioning by Martin to the Scottish Parliament Petitions Committee in 2015 which gained cross-party support from all 5 of the major parties at Holyrood.

Phase 1 from Alloa to the new Talgo plant at Longanet is already in process with Phase 2 on to the Fife circle under active consideration. If elected to Holyrood, Martin intends to push hard for the rail link to be finished in the next parliamentary term providing passenger services direct from Fife to Glasgow without the need to first travel to edinburgh

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