Boris Lied to Parliament and to the Speaker.

It is a long-held convention in the UK Parliament that the Government should inform members of Parliament about large scale announcements that affect the electorate BEFORE the press are told. This is to allow MP’s to scrutinise it prior to the announcement and to take steps to represent their constituents on the matter. However, as we all know, this prime minister and this Tory Government have zero respect for convention, for precedent and for the law. This, of course, is made worse by the fact that the press has effectively normalised the PM’s utter b*******. Rather than calling him out on his repeated lies to the electorate, the response has been a trump-like “Ach! It’s just Boris!”.

The speaker has been extremely weak on holding the Tories accountable with respect to the rules of the House of Commons. Love him or hate him, at least with Bercow he’d have ripped the PM a new one on a regular basis.

However, in recent weeks, it would appear that Mr. Hoyle is getting as sick and tired of the PM and his cronies as the rest of us. He rebuked Boris during the last prime minister’s questions for not answering the questions put to him. Today, the speaker has made an announcement in Parliament calling out the PM, saying that it is “totally unacceptable” that Boris Johnson held his televised news conference about changes to the Covid roadmap timetable before informing the House of Commons.

But the situation is worse than that because the Speaker appears to have been continually lied to by the UK Government on this matter, having discovered an embargoed press release that was written while he was being told that a decision hadn’t yet been made. The House of Commons speaker accused No 10 of “running roughshod” over MPs by not informing them first of any changes.

It doesn’t really need saying – but this is the Prime Minister that the SNP think are going to grant a section 30 order. One that has zero respect for convention, for precedent and for the law!


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