Cronyism is back in fashion! Cash for houses is its new face.

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Declarations released by the Electoral Commission show that the new masters of the Tory party are rich property tycoons. I have already written about the £150K donation from a specific developer in the link above, however, it would seem the problem is more wide spread than first fought.

According to Electoral Commission disclosures property firms have given £891,984 to Tory HQ and eight local associations in the first quarter of this year – a sizeable chunk of the £6,418,295 the party reported receiving.

It comes as the government prepares to launch sweeping changes to the planning system for approving housing developments. You can see the conflict of housing developers donating to a party about to “reform” the housing system can’t you?

Some of the proposed changes (which the tories will tell you are in no way derived from the housing donors) will remove communities’ right to object to inappropriate individual developments in their area.

Ministers are aiming to centralise and accelerate the housebuilding process in England to help boost homeownership in areas across the north and Midlands, which have seen increased levels of Conservative support. In otherwords, screw the enviroment, screw the locals, build build build! It almost reminds you of a time in the UK’s history where too much was being built, finance was being thrown around willy nilly and banks started to gamble like eejits. I say that because the banks are pulling the same sort of stunts they did in 2008, the Tories are proposing a build-a-thon for their buddies which will inevitably lead to a housing market bubble. Except this time, the party in charge are also getting backhanders from the property developers.

It has now been revealed that 36 donations from developers were made to the Conservatives in the first three months of this year.

Most sums were paid to Conservative central office, with the largest single donation made by Bloor Holdings Ltd, which gave £150,000 and has reportedly had an application to build 1,000 new homes at Sandleford Park in Berkshire “recovered” by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, meaning it will be ruled on in Whitehall.

Local associations that received money directly include Witney – the constituency of the junior transport minister Robert Courts – as well as Tatton, Suffolk West and Enfield Southgate.

The newly proposed planning bill will reward developers by gagging residents so they have no say over plans to bulldoze local neighbourhoods and the Conservatives are paying back developers by selling out communities; and if you think that this won’t effect Scotland because planning is a devolved matter, remember that internal market bill we were screaming about? Yeah! That bill! Just wait, developers are going to be pulling down paradise and putting up a parking lot before you know it! Do do do do do do.


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