Eat, Sleep, Vote the Tories Out, Repeat

There are times that I see things which re-inforce exactly why I am an independent – and this is one of them.

This is a tweet from the official account of the Scottish Tories, and it highlights my position more eloquently than I ever could. Those elected by default in a broken system have regressed to the level of two-year olds.

When all you have left is to hurtle insults at your political opposition rather than attacking their policies, or your flyers are reduced to mentioning Independence and Referendum into double digits, you’re no longer suitable to hold office.

I don’t care if you are SNP, Labour, Tory, or that other party with the yellow rosettes, if you are seeking election or you are already elected, you have a duty to recognise that the people across the aisle from you are also elected.

What does throwing mud at your political opponents actually achieve? Absolutely nothing.

In the 1 minute it took for someone to send out this tweet, they could have used it to benefit the people of Scotland. In the time taken to design a leaflet with 20 references to “referendum” contained there-in, you could have written multiple emails or filled in multiple forms to assist someone. Or maybe you could have written an article on policy.

When I see this sort of tweet, I don’t see a party taking a swing at a political opponent, I see disrespect for the electoral system and the people in it who cast their votes. It’s different when you are individual tweeting from your own account, but for a party to put out childish tweets like this is a whole different ball game. It’s just downright embarrassing, especially in the middle of an election.

When you’ve got nothing left except for insulting your opponents personally, rather than attacking their policies – it’s time to consign your party to the dustbin!


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