Good luck to every pro-independence candidate.

It is 7 am on the 6th of May 2021, polling booths are now open and will be for the next 15 hours. To say that this election has not been a contentious one would be an understatement. We have no idea what the result is going to be, polls are only guesses at this stage.

Obviously, as an independent candidate in Mid-Scotland and Fife, I am hoping that those in this region will lend me their voice to become an MSP. It is my hope and it would be my honour to represent the people of Mid-Scotland and Fife and I believe I could do well by them.

Tomorrow results will begin rolling in, and within 48 to 72 hours we will know what shape our National Parliament will take. So I think it appropriate before the voting kicks into high gear today, to be the first to say that I wish each and every yes candidate (regardless of their party or none) the very best. It is my hope that I will stand alongside many of them when parliament is called back into session, but we shall see, only the voters will decide who makes it.

What I do want to say is that irrespective of party or politics, this parliament will not merely be a caretaker, it will be instrumental in what is to come next, it will decide on whether or not Scotland recovers from COVID, Brexit and whether the people of Scotland will have the constitutional right to be asked, and the opportunity to answer the constitutional question. The task ahead for our national legislator will be the hardest it has ever had in its 22-year history, and with an almost insane Tory Government at Westminster, it will have a duty to protect ordinary Scots from what is to come.

It is incumbent on all of those elected (and indeed not elected) to put aside arguments and squabbles, to set aside acrimony, pain, and anger. To grit their teeth and to extend a hand in friendship with the singular goal of finding consensus amongst division. We cannot fail those who have entrusted their voice to parliamentarians, we cannot allow the division to encumber or inhibit substantive positive change for every man, woman and child within Scotland’s borders.

At 11 pm when the polls close, it must also be a bell tolling for a new era of consensus and cooperation, because if we fail, the cost to the sovereign people of Scotland will be incalculable.

We must not squander the next parliamentary term, we must deliver for our country.

I wish each and every hopeful for 2021 the best of luck, and I hope that each and every person stepping outside to engage in the democratic process remains vigilant and cautious to their surroundings during this pandemic, but more importantly, I hope you all stay safe and well.


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