Gordon Brown has lost the plot.

As with every article I write where I happen to mention the deposed ex-leader of Labour, I will preface this one with the same warning to the Scottish Electorate: GORDON BROWN HAS NO POWER TO DELIVER ANYTHING HE PROMISES – JUST LIKE 2014! HE IS WHEELED OUT WITH THE SOLE PURPOSE OF SPOUTING TORY PROPAGANDA IN THE HOPE THAT THE TORIES MIGHT REWARD HIM WITH A SEAT IN THE HOUSE OF LORDS.

In his latest intervention, it would seem that his cheese has finally slipped completely off his cracker. In an interview, Brown has claimed there could be “50 years of conflict between Scotland and England” if squabbles over the constitution are not resolved.

The former prime minister has called on Scottish Labour to restore its reputation with the public and take support back from the SNP.

Two things I would say about this is that, firstly, the disputes are not between England and Scotland. This is just him attempting to put race front and centre. Scotlands problem is with Westminster, not England. Indeed, if you speak to most English people living above the Watford gap, you’ll find the sentiments are relatively the same (if not slightly more sedate than we in Scotland). Secondly, it is ironic to hear Gordon Brown preaching about Scottish labour restoring its reputation, especially considering he’s the one, along with Blair that is primarily responsible for trashing it in the first place. Namely that viewpoint of automatic self-entitlement that Labour expressed before the inevitable decline, that working-class Scots exist to bolster the labour vote, that their vote should have been automatically cast for Labour and that Labour is automatically entitled to that vote.

After all these years he still fails, as part of the political apparatchik, to understand that the disputes exist because Westminster politicians think themselves better than we mere plebians in Scotland. The disputes will never be resolved until Scotlands parliament is on an equal footing with Westminster, and the people of Scotland represented by their own parliament. That cannot happen with Scotland in the UK. It can only happen with England and Scotland working cooperatively and alongside each other as equal independent nations, each free to pursue their own constitutional future – Independence, in other words!

What Gordon is trying to do by using words like Conflict et al, is trying to scare the Scottish electorate. When someone hears the word Conflict, England and Nationalism in the same sentence, their brain immediately goes to Northern Ireland and the troubles. But Scotland is not Ireland, the situation is much different. It’s nothing but a vain attempt by a washed-up politician to try and inject fear into the demos, that they might choose not to engage in the free exercise of their own constitutional right to vote on their own constitutional future.


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