He said She said.

As an independent, I will never understand the “He said, She said” of politics. I hate it with every atom of my being. The idea that any parliamentarian could vote against a policy that would benefit the lives of the people they are supposed to represent because it was proposed by a specific parliamentarian or a specific party.

This scourge is the primary impediment to progress in my view.

When you’re elected to parliament and those across the aisle are elected to parliament, there should be a duty to look at policy or legislative ideas and proposals through a lens of a single question – “Does this / Will this benefit the lives of the people I represent?” and if the answer to that question is yes, all parliamentarians should support it.

In my view, when a parliamentarian votes against, or refuses to work with someone to benefit their constituents just because of the badge on their lapel, or the colours of their party or their views on matters not pertinent to the policy or legislation under consideration at that moment of time; they have no business being in parliament.

As an independent, the decision is pretty simple for me. I have no party whip, I’m not beholden to party politics. I’ll work with anyone who will improve and enhance the lives of the people we’re supposed to serve.

The people are sovereign, the people have chosen parliamentarians to represent them, it is therefore incumbent on those representatives to work cooperatively for the sovereign peoples needs, not to serve their own.

If I make it to parliament in 10 days, my attitude is going to be one of supporting anything that benefits the people of Mid-Scotland and Fife, without fear or favour I will apply the simple question above, and deliver praise or constructive criticism in equal measure. However, what I will not do is simply dismiss something because the person who approaches me with it, might disagree with me on other political matters. That doesn’t mean I support them on all of their political policies, it simply means that I’ll be seeking common ground and supporting the things which I know will help the daily lives of the people who I represent.

I have no interest in he said, she said and I have no interest in spending time arguing about minutia, time which could be better spent sending an email for a constituent, or looking over legislation, or pushing the cause of independence forward. I’m going in swinging, unrelenting and with a clear focus to push forward independence, and to serve the needs of my community.

I consider the opportunity to be a parliamentarian to be the highest honour there is, and I intend to treat it as such if the electorate of Mid-Scotland and Fife give me their vote. I am clear – I work for the electorate, not the other way around. I have lower standing than those who would see me elected, not more, not special privelege, nor automatic self-entitlement. Should I ever forget that fact, i’d expect my constituents to tell me in no uncertain terms.

My life experiences are such that I have worked with many who have been systematically failed by the system. I’m disabled. I’m a carer. I volunteer assisting people with the DWP etc. I have the experience of where the system is failing to be able to make real and positive change. All I seek is the opportunity to do it.


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