HS2 needs to be called out for latest piece of Tory Propaganda

HS2 has been slated as a detriment to Scotland, with one study showing that it could actually lose Aberdeen up to £200m in lost revenue. Scottish Taxpayers are having to foot part of the bill for this monstrousity, yet will derive no benefit from it.

But that hasn’t stopped HS2 from being used as a propaganda piece. Unfortunately, also moving across onto the HS2 Ltd official Twitter account.

In a tweet sent out today, HS2 claims that it will connect 8 of the UK’s largest cities, amongst them Edinburgh and Glasgow.

This is a flat out lie. HS2 wont even cross the border, let alone connect to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

It is absolutely outrageous that HS2 Ltd is making such claims and one has to ask exactly who put them up to it.


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