I reserved judgement about the 600K, now I’m not.

I recently wrote an article about the whole scandal with the fundraiser for Indyref 2 and the accusations that the SNP had spent it elsewhere (The SNP could end accusations about party finances tomorrow.) where I continued to reserve judgement until there was empirical evidence to support the accusations or disprove them.

However, the resignation of Douglas Chapman who was elected treasurer on a mandate to open the books, and that resignation on the basis of the fact he was being obstructed (because I know Douglas is not the type of guy who gives up until he hits an unpenetrable wall) was enough to begin to sway me towards calling for an investigation. Of course, I continued to reserve judgement, instead calling on the SNP to bring in a third party independent forensic investigator to prove or disprove the accusations once for all. Obviously we know that never happened, but the police have certainly been taking notes and looking into things after complaints from donors.

A police investigation was launched at the start of this about the whereabouts of £600,000 raised to fund a new independence referendum.

It has now also been revealed that the police are considering whether to quiz Peter Murrell over a donation from the weirs who won £161 million in the EuroMillions lottery. It now transpires that shortly before his death in 2019, Mr Weir, who had made a substantive donation on the basis of Indyref 2, had actually made a formal complaint seeking his money to be returned.

The police are now officially looking at emails from Mr Murrell to various donors, including the weirs and have told the press, those emails were Murrell personally seeking donations for the same fund which has caused so much acrimony: “During this initial work further information has been received, which also requires to be assessed to determine if an investigation is required.”

An insider has also told the press “From the party accounts, police can see the money was spent on other party business. There is no evidence emerging of personal benefit to Mr Murrell or anyone else.”

If this is true, then whether or not an individual derived a personal benefit from it is irrelevant. The money was specifically collected for Indyref 2, it was specifically sold to the donors for that purpose. It was specifically for that purpose. It was not there for the electoral advantage of the SNP, and this scandal, if it continues to persist is going to cause MASSIVE damage to our shared cause.

The SNP need to stop pissing around and obfuscating – the entire movement needs to be properly informed about what has happened with this fund, because this pish has gone on long enough!


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