Imagine my surprise, I was on radio 2 and I didn’t even know it!

You can imagine my surprise when I was informed by a unionist that I had been on BBC Radio 2 and didn’t even know it. The fact that it was actually Drew Hendry from the SNP on the show (and not even a martin) makes this entire thing just a little bizarre.

Over the space of 2 hours, I’ve had about 8 messages talking about my appearance on Radio 2, but I wasn’t even there. Worse still, it was a member of the SNP, i’m an independent. However, this leads us to an interesting point. Why don’t independents get any airtime? We pay the same deposit (actually more on the list because you pay “per region”, so for a party, they get 7 candidates for the price of £500, for an independent, they have to pay the same deposit just for one). Unless you are an established MSP standing as an independent – good luck getting any air time or column inches in the elections.


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