Next Steps: Peaceful Non-Compliance

The politicians have had long enough to get Scotland away from the horrid policies of this tyrannical Tory Government. The words “we won’t let you have a referendum” should be enough in the eyes of any elector who believes in democracy to finally say to themselves that enough is enough.

Let’s get real, shall we? The Tories don’t follow the law, they think themselves above it. If the Government won’t follow the law, then why should the people they were elected to represent. The UK’s uncodified constitution is just that, uncodified. That means precedent is as much a part of it as the written words in Acts of Parliament, particularly in Scotland.

As far as I am concerned, a Government that will not follow the rule of law, sets the precedent for the public to refuse to comply with it.

The people of Glasgow did us proud yesterday. As Home Office enforcement agents burst into the home of Asylum seekers to cart them off, the local population, in true Scottish Style said “Naw! Mon then!”. The immigration enforcement teams might have gotten onto the street, but on returning to their van they soon realised that they weren’t getting out of it. And so a stand-off ensued. Laying in front of the vans, the immigration team had nowhere to go. Locals began to increase in numbers, police stood and watched and didn’t intervene (as it should be), their presence only to stop any public disorder. It was a peaceful demonstration, a peaceful standoff, and one massive f**k you to the abhorrent policies inflicted on Scotland by a right-wing Tory Government.

“These are our neighbours, Let them Go!” was the chant.

This was the first fire litten under the ass of each and every one of us in Scotland – this is our next step, to mobilise, to demand, to remind the politicians that they work for us, not the other way around.

The time has now come for each of us to peacefully obstruct UK Parliament and UK Government policy here in Scotland – to show the public how bad the Tories really are, how toxic they are to the Scottish demos.

It is easy to stand around and say “now is not the time” when you are a parliamentarian on the higher end of the pay scale, but when you are one of the people on the 19% tax rate or have an income lower than that, each day that passes under Tory rule is another day which digs you deeper in the hole.

Each of us have a duty to stand for those less fortunate and repell the tory onslaught.

It’s time for peaceful obstruction.


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