Nothing says “we love you” like erasing your cultural heritage.

There are times when you just think to yourself, eh? And for me, it usually happens whenever I read that, rather than addressing the underlying issues, the UK Government just sticks a union flag over the top of the cracks.

Well, this is one hell of a big crack! It has just been reported on Wales Online that Cardiff City Council has given permission for an “advertisement” on the side of the HMRC building in Cardiff.

That “advertisement” takes the form of a 288 square meter union flag. No! I’m not kidding!

Now, if I were a tory……..just a minute…….need to break out the andrews liver salts because that thought just gave me acid reflux……that’s better…….anyway…..if I were a tory…..wait….i’m going to have to take another dose…..just a second……that’s better…..I’m not going to say those words again, clearly, it’s hazardous to my health, anyway, if I were the person who conceived this idea, my first thought would be to ask myself what the reaction would be to that in the middle of Cardiff.

There are a number of responses it could elicit. The first is that it will elicit a response from a lot of peeved off locals, many of whom probably, already begrudgingly work there, and of course the fact that it’s already the HMRC building, so people already hate it. My reaction would be not to do it – or at the very least have some sense about it and recognise the cultural element, and perhaps have the common decency to display it next to the welsh flag as a sign of respect. But nope! These idiots are going with a 288 meter square union flag, response be damned. Break out the symbol of imperialism.

Unless your aim is to deliberately inflame the local population, in which case, you’re just being a complete ****. But we’ll put up with that, because in the end, it’s only the political equivelant of punching yourself in the face.

The response from the minister concerned is quite comical to be honest.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said: “The Union flag unites us as a nation and people rightly expect it to be flown above UK Government buildings.”

Oliver obviously has his head stuck up his backside, because right at this very minute, the fallout from the likes of Brexit is disproportionately hammering Wales and Scotland. There’s nothing “united” about the “united kingdom”. It’s also a load of twaddle, mainly because the union flag IS displayed above government buildings on special occasions. However, flying it every day might begrudgingly be accepted.

A 288-meter square union flag, however? Can you say edifice complex? It gives the impression that perhaps the minister is trying to compensate for something! No! Not the ever-deteriorating state of the UK and the ever-increasing perception that the UK Government are both incompetent and a bunch of tosspots! I’m talking about the size of his penis!

He goes on: “This guidance will ensure that happens every day unless another flag is being flown, as a proud reminder of our history and the ties that bind us.”

Ties that bind us? You mean complete disregard of local customs and pride in the Welsh national identity? Proud reminder of our history? You mean the systematic attempt to eradicate Welsh history, language and culture? Which like Scotland, the British state has been trying to do for hundreds of years? Of which the union flag is the primary symbol of that attempted nationicide! Ties that bind us? You mean “chains” that bind us? Right?


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