One Nation Party

The tories (wierdly) aren’t lying when they talk about “One Nation”. That’s because the UK isn’t a nation, it’s a union of constituent nations. So when they bluster about “One Nation”, I just remember that fact and for once can actually say the tories have been truthful.

In reality though, it’s not “one nation” at all. It’s “one city”, indeed, “one area”, the banking district of London. Anything above the watford gap in the Tories eyes, isn’t worth mentioning.

When ever I write about the Tories “london-centric” attitude, and general disregard for anyone who can’t afford a gold-plated toilet for their bathroom, it’s always a challenge to find an image which fits it. Until today!

Number 10 has released an absolutely perfect picture for when we bloggers talk about the fact the tories want to try and whitewash history, erase the cultural and social heritage of Scotland and Wales and generally treat those of us who weren’t bought with a silver spoon with utter contempt.


Ladies and Gentleman – I give you Boris Johnson standing on a St. Georges flag right outside of Number 10. An image that requires absolutely zero commentary, merely putting it up and letting you see it! So here it is!


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