The election is over. Now what?

There’s no doubt in my mind that over the coming weeks there are going to be some hard truths coming out of this election, mostly between politicians.

The important thing is that the grassroots stay united in the cause for independence – don’t let politicians decide what happens next.

Hold them to account! And by the way, if it should transpire that by some miracle I make it to Holyrood, that applies to me too. I expect the movement to keep me on course! You’re sovereign. Sovereignty is where power is derived. They work for you!

Don’t let them tell you any different and don’t let them spin their way out of the promises they have made in this election!

If we want to be independent we need to act like we’re already independent. Don’t bow to pressure, don’t take no for an answer and don’t acquiesce to the status quo. This is your time, your country, your constitutional right to vote. Demand it, don’t ask for it!

And if that sounds like me being just a tad antagonistic, you’re damn right. The tories keep saying “Now is not the time”, well I am telling you, now most definately is the time!

The fight for our right to be asked, and to answer the constitutional question is most certainly on in earnest. It’s time to give it everything we’ve got – and sure, we might stumble, we might get a bit dinged up – but it wouldn’t be a fight worth having if it wasn’t an uphill battle.

My faith in the grassroots is as strong as it has ever been – I have faith in you all. Now what do you say? Time to unite and show the world it’s time for Scotland to become a nation of equals among equal nations.

Game on!


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