Getting rid of trident from Scotland is not merely a small concern for me. I want to see the nuclear weapons gone from Scotland’s shores permenentatly, but not just the weapons, also their legacy as well.

Living in the West Fife Villages, my family home is less than 6 miles from a nuclear graveyard at Rosyth. The seven defunct submarines – Dreadnought, Churchill, Swiftsure, Revenge, Resolution, Repulse and Renown – have been laid up since the 1980s. In 2008, one of the rotting hulks was found to have a hole in the side of it and begun to list to one side.

As the crow flies, my family home is also less than 4 miles from a naval munitions depot, which if it went boom, would leave a sizeable crator.

If an accident were to occur with one of these submarines, suffice to say, the resultant damage to the local eco system and to the people living here would be devastating.

Trident is a threat to our lives, it’s a scurge upon our nation; and far from being a show of strength, it actually makes Scotland a target for a first strike by a rogue nation with nuclear weapons.

I will support any initiative that sees trident removed from Scotland; and its garbage from the forth.


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