Update | Decision on Peoples Action on Section 30 expected 30th April

Further to my update yesterday confirming that the people’s action appeal decision in the inner house would be released before the election, (https://www.martinjkeatings.com/update-peoples-action-on-section-30/) I can now confirm that the decision from the inner house will likely be released tomorrow, the 30th of April 2021.

We’re still waiting to hear if it will be released to the parties first and then to the public later, of if it will just be done at the same time. I shall update you once I know more.

As updates are now being done publicly, if you are unaware of what the peoples action is, you can reference it here:

Original information on the crowdfunder: https://www.crowdjustice.com/pas30/

Timeline and other information: https://www.martinjkeatings.com/peoples-action-on-section-30-2/

As always, I hope you are all safe and well.



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