Update | Peoples Action on Section 30

THERE IS A NEWER UPDATE ON THE PEOPLES ACTION HERE: https://www.martinjkeatings.com/update-decision-on-peoples-action-on-section-30-expected-30th-april/

I have received word that the appeal opinion in the Peoples Action on Section 30 will be released prior to the Scottish Parliamentary elections.

If the appeal is successful, what happens next will be up to the UK Government (whether they appeal it to the UKSC or not).

If the appeal is unsuccessful, what happens next will be up to us. If it is unsuccessful it will likely be on the issue of standing again. I refer to the Nationals story here (https://www.thenational.scot/news/19211510.indyref2-appeal-heard-court-session-one-month-election-day/) for what that means with regards to standing, so as not to influence voter intentions.

If appeal is required, the pursuer would likely need to be a parliamentarian. New pursuers cannot join the case. That’s all I will say on that front.

I will update you further when I know more.

Martin Keatings


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