West Fife Could Have Been A Trial Site For Hyperfast Broadband – The Politicians Screwed It Up

Mid-Scotland and Fife’s smaller villages have a habbit of being last for technical advancements, particularly in the arena of internet technology. So in 2018, Martin begun the process of trying to set the villages on a different course. Identifying that the West Fife Villages could become a hub for new technology, by utilising the existing rail line to easily lay cables eastward and westward, he commenced discussions with two major broadband providers to bring about a partnership for West Fife in particular.

All that was required was the support of several politicians in Government to explore the possibilities. The plan called a re-think in the way infrastructure is rolled out, particularly in the context of digging up streets. Namely, by upgrading the under-road infrastructure while performing road maintenance, councils could not only lease the newly created “artery” space (underground conduits) to utility providers upgrading existing technologies, thereby creating jobs and generating revenue for road repair, but at the same time, utility providers would substantively reduce future costs and be able to roll out those new technologies at a rapid pace. The plan also created a system whereby there would be less overall damage to road surfaces and therefore reducing overall costs for local councils.

Mid-Scotland and Fife were to become the hallmark and gold standard of that re-imagining of essential infostructure, yet because of partisan politics, those in Government simply failed to respond to the requests from those providers. The project stalled.

If elected to Holyrood, Martin intends to put this back on the table and to push for a rethink in how utilities are provided to consumers.


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