We’ve been doing it wrong, I think!

We have activism in the form of the many yes groups across Scotland. We have political representation in the Yes politicians, but what we’ve lacked is true rooting in our own economy, trade and industry, workplaces etc.

They say that the people of Scotland are sovereign until it comes time to brush that sovereignty aside, or the election is over, and in reality, we have no real way to hold the politicians to account for the promises they make. Not really! Any form of sovereignty we should have, and the politicians say we have, is merely an illusion – or is it?

The greatest leaps in our history came, not from politicians autonomously deciding to enable our rights, but from the trade unions – they have been neutered over the years, have become disparate and quiet. It used to be in this country that Labour championed the rights of the little guy and enabled a political voice for those unions – but when Labour began to abandon its principles under Blairism, it tossed the baby out with the bathwater and abandoned Scotland along with it.

This is what our movement needs – a trade union of its own. Not many trade unions representing lots of disparate groups here and there, but the full force of the entire movement in the same union. Unions, where they gain enough representation in the workplace must be recognised for the purposes of collective bargaining under the law.

So why not one based on the pursuit of independence and the rights of the people of Scotland? Why not one that stretches the entirety of our nation?

This idea is in the very early stages, indeed, I am unsure if it is even tenable – but if you think it might be worth pursuing, join the new group on Facebook and let’s see if we can hammer out a way forward and see if this is possible. It’s time for us to stand up for our sovereignty!

Also! I’m going with guild, because I refuse to refer to it as a “union” for obvious reasons.



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