Who cares about their religious denomination?

Over the past 24 hours, the right-wing idiots have been out in force on Twitter about the events in Glasgow where Team UK decided to raid and detain two asylum seekers.

The one thing is founded upon is a tweet by the First Minister and those same right-wing plonkers trying to make out that the First Minister, and indeed other politicians got it wrong because they mentioned Eid and Muslim in the same sentence as immigration raids. They point out that the persons detained were not in fact Muslims and therefore the politicians got it wrong.

What the hell has that got to do with anything?

But if you actually read the tweet, she says “Muslim community” and “Eid”. She was right, that area has a large Muslim community. Muslim community does not infer that the pair being detained were themselves, Muslim. She was also right about the religious holiday Eid. In the wider context, it should also be noted that if there was one raid going on yesterday, there was probably multiple across the UK and bet pounds to pennies that at least one Muslim was detained yesterday.

Personally, I couldn’t give two craps about whether they were or were not Muslim, indeed I haven’t bothered confirming it. The reason I haven’t bothered is that if they were Muslim, yesterdays demonstration of standing up to hard-line right-wing tory policies was a demonstration of a community saying “Naw! Mon then!”. But if the two detained weren’t Muslim, then that is just a greater demonstation of community – because that was Glasgow’s Muslim community standing alongside hundreds of other people of various denominations (and indeed no religious denomination) and defending two vulnerable individuals from the state, irrespective of their religious denomination.

There was none of this “I’m alright, Jack!” nonsense. Hundreds of people chanting “these are our neighbours”. It was a pure demonstration of doing the right thing by your neighbours, teaching embedded in most faiths. In the Christian faith, it can be described as “love thy neighbour” – something prevalent in every holy book. The religious denomination doesn’t matter – what mattered yesterday was community. Muslims, along with all other denominations stood side by side, defended their fellow man and gave them aid and comfort. Aid and Comfort that shouldn’t be required, were it not for the deranged right-wing policies of a Tory Government overseen by an overstarched alpaca who looks like he’s been pulled through a hedge backwards; and overseen by a Home Secretary, who if her parents had immigrated to the UK today would have not been allowed entry. It’s nimbyism of the highest order.

The Muslim community opened their mosque (which I will point out to the right-wing nuts who think it’s only a place for worship – it is also a centre of the community and a community centre) after the event. The only “faith” on display yesterday was faith in the community to come together in defence of its neighbours and I applaud them all for it.

Right-wing rockets coming out with this sort of garbage just proves their lack of understanding and sadly their own views on what constitutes being a good neighbour. So it won’t surprise you that many of the comments also included references of deporting ethnic minorities from the like of Bradford to Scotland – and to that I say – sure! Refugees welcome; you bigotted morons!


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